Adobe Boss Shantanu Narayen Seeks To Conquer The Metaverse – The Times

Shantanu Narayen heaves a small sigh. In 15 years as the chief executive of Adobe, he has seen a lot of trends come and go. “What you’re expected to do as a chief executive keeps changing,” he says; bosses need to keep reinventing themselves. “The biggest role that we all play as leaders is, are you creating a lodestar or vision for the company?” he says. “And are you spending enough time looking around the corner at the things that are coming up? The tech industry is littered with companies that weren’t thinking about that.”

Narayen, 58, should know: he’s now one of the longest serving of the Silicon Valley bosses. At the helm since 2007, he has steered Adobe through more than one reinvention: